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Southpark Area – Charlotte, North Carolina

SouthPark is a thriving and upscale neighborhood located in the southern part of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is renowned for its blend of high-end shopping, fine dining, corporate centers, and elegant residential areas.

The heart of SouthPark is the SouthPark Mall, a premier shopping destination featuring luxury brands, department stores, and boutiques. This upscale retail hub draws shoppers from across the region and contributes to the area’s vibrant atmosphere. Nearby, you’ll find Phillips Place, offering a mix of high-end stores and upscale dining options.

Residentially, SouthPark boasts a mix of luxurious homes, including stately mansions, stylish townhouses, and upscale apartment complexes. The tree-lined streets and well-manicured lawns add to the neighborhood’s charm, making it a desirable place to live for those seeking a blend of convenience and sophistication.

SouthPark also serves as a significant business hub, hosting corporate headquarters, office buildings, and business parks, making it a prime location for professionals. The neighborhood’s proximity to Uptown Charlotte and major highways ensures easy access to the city center and other parts of the city.

Green spaces like the Symphony Park and Freedom Park provide residents with outdoor recreational opportunities, while the nearby Quail Hollow Club is famous for hosting the Wells Fargo Championship, a prestigious PGA Tour golf tournament.

In summary, SouthPark offers a dynamic and upscale urban experience, combining high-end shopping, dining, residential luxury, and business opportunities in a beautifully landscaped setting. It’s a place where the conveniences of city living seamlessly blend with the comfort and elegance of a residential community.

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County: Mecklenburg
Town: Charlotte
Location: SouthPark
Mile from center of Charlotte: 16
Home Price Average: $400’s to $10M