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What gives realtors the energy to get through the day? Well, about eight cups of coffee and for some, a few drops of something stronger. In episode 8, the LJ team hosts a realtor luncheon on the lake, goes fishing in the rain, and ends the episode with a few laughable outtakes.



Spotlight Episodes:

Episode 7

This episode seems to have a theme (or two): Chickens. And James Bond. We talk about Chick Fil A, play with one of our ‘special agent’s’ baby chickens, and Craig talks about how chicken we all can be (the general public) to be on camera.



Episode 6

In episode 6 of LJ Vlogs, you’ll see just how crazy and insane the real estate world these days can be! We’ve kissed sitting at a desk doing paperwork and making phone calls goodbye, and hit the ground running in the opposite direction. On the daily, we are out meeting business partners and clients, staging homes, lending our hands to local charity organizations’ events and fundraisers, and occasionally traveling to other cities and states (sometimes countries!) to attend real estate conventions. Catch a virtual ride with us from Lake Norman to Charleston, South Carolina and back, and don’t forget to stay tuned for the end bloopers (our favorite part…)!




Episode 4

In episode 4 of LePage Johnson Vlogs, you’ll feel like you’re in an action-packed Hollywood movie with explosions and fire, crazy white water rapids and some intense driving in the fog! Okay, so it’s not quite as exciting as the big-screen action, but we’re not lying when we say there will be fog, fire, and fierce whitewater! Maybe we’ll get to the big screens one day, but for now, enjoy our short under 10-minute episode filled with cool fun-facts about house fires, controlled burns, the awesome whitewater center that we are lucky enough to live by, and more day-to-day scenes of our hard-working, fun-loving real estate crew! Check it out…



Episode 3

Upon their return to the great NC after their lavish trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Craig, Shelley, Kathy, and Lisa have some catching up to do…first see their last night in Mexico which they spent on a…drum roll please…JUNGLE-THEMED DINNER CRUISE! Not only did they get to eat dinner on a boat in the middle of the beautiful Mexico waters, they also got to see a play on a unique stage in the middle of the jungle! If you can’t quite get that picture in your head, you’re not alone. The rest of us at the office didn’t believe it ’til we saw it either. As soon as their plane touched down, the hard work resumed (not that these hard-workers ever stopped…) and they continued their efforts to finish up one of our most exciting projects in Mooresville! Check it out…



Episode 1

Episode 1…the pilot…the big bang…the, well you get it. You’ve seen our blog and our social media presence, but did you know that LePage Johnson Realty now has a YouTube channel featuring VLOGs? That’s right…we’ve decided to step up our game. We figured, we have so much fun doing what we do…why not let our awesome followers be a part of it!? Real estate is not all paperwork and showing houses anymore. There’s a whole new world out there and we are completely immersed in it…and we LOVE it. In the LPJ VLOGs, you’ll follow us behind the scenes of our day to day lives, running all over the queen city doing what it takes to be the top realty company in the Lake Norman area.





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